1999 LG Electronics Design Competition

MATERIAL : design concept
SIZE : 200x150x50
COLOR : Black

DATE : 1999. 2

desgned by HWANG Byung-joon

ⓒ copyright 2006 design studio HWANG All right reserved.

USER First Design
User Friendly
Reflecting Lifestyle

Design background
The diversification of the world is speeding up and we are in the generation of information that
necessitates TV, VCR, and conputer inorder to live on DVD (Digital Versatile Disk)
is the medium of the next generationwhich would replace all other mass - media with digital technology
As DVD becomes universal, we will observe the development of our culture.
Broadcasting or movie is no longer just a medium for entertainment but a indirect informational system.
That is where DVD becomes the base for mass-media and the use of the technology of storing media will increase greatly

TV is being digitalized and becoming smaller.
image transmission media is acknowledged as a universal apparatus of culture and DVD is being developed with it.
From now on, a study in a house will be full of DVD and this medium will become the transmitter for it's ability to keep a tremendous
volume of information in a small DVD disk.
As DVD player is being supplied, mankind will meet a better quality of screen image and DVD will paly an important of screen culture.

Design concept
The desire for culture is increasing and the qulity of life will be the main reason to live on.
the development of electronics is essential as quick as possible for good screen quality is needed to people who are enjoying
there leisure time watching movies or electronic image.

1. Screen captures can be printed or outputed.
2. One can read books or obtain pieces of information.
3. It is dividable and portable to be used in offices and house.
4. projector will give a bigger screen than TV for Movies.
5. It can be used in studies.
6. Auto focus function.
7. Multiple audio function.
8. Wireless speaker of AC-3

Purpose of research and necessity
1. Varying dizital animation and movie boom is being expected
2. Digital anmation will repalce handwork
3. Converts data into image and audio signal and then let show in screen
4. We can enjoy more watching a good DVD screen than the convention type of projector that we are using now.

Creating A NEW AGE